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Upgrades To Your Gunite Swimming Pool

Upgrades and renovations are a part of the interior and exterior of every home.  This is true even when it comes to your in-ground plaster swimming pool.  This is true even when it comes to your in-ground plaster swimming pool.  Every space within your home eventually needs some sprucing up.  With all the advances in swimming pool materials now maybe the perfect time to think about updating yours.  The question now is where to start.

Lighting is an important part of any backyard pool.  LED and fiber optic swimming pool lights are adding that wow factor to ordinary in ground swimming pools.  Installing lights underwater takes your swimming experience to an entirely new level.  The glow that is emitted throughout the water helps to solidify the mood and swimming experience.  You will never turn away from hosing another late night pool party.  Your outdoor living space will now be an outdoor oasis with lighting that accentuates your home and backyard.

Another common upgrade that is taking the swimming pool world by surprise is the upgrade of a salt water chlorinator.   This upgrade removes the need for liquid chlorine, chlorine tablets or granular chlorine and upgrades your system to salt water chlorination.  This type of system offers you convenience and clean water without the hassle.  To clean the pool, the salt in the chlorinator is taken and converted to chlorine using a simple chemical process.

Another upgrade that is common amongst plaster pool owners is the use of aggregate-finish pool plaster. The use of aggregate-finish pool plaster can help protect the gunite swimming pool from damage.  An aggregate pool finish offers variety in both color and design.  Enhance your pools visual appeal with a crystal, quartz or pebble plaster finish.  Not only will the upgrade to enhanced pool plaster look amazing it will help to extend the pools finish and life expectancy by a good twenty years.

Another swimming pool upgrade that updates your pool is natural stone coping and decking.  There is a wide variety of types of stone coping that will help to enhance your decking and pool area breathing new life into the entire area. If you are looking for a completely updated look that is dramatically different that anything you have seen before update your outdoor living space with natural stone coping.  The deck and pool area will completely transform with updated coping and decking.

With any upgrades to your home, backyard or landscape it is important to not only renovate but to keep up on the renovations with regular maintenance.  Your swimming pool will require maintenance but with upgrading to natural stone coping, aggregate pool plaster, a salt water chlorinator, and updated lighting; your backyard is sure to be turned into an outdoor paradise that can go on celebrating far into the night.

Pound Pool Plastering repairs commercial and residential gunite swimming pools including coping, tile and plaster repairs. For more information or to request a quote, visit us at

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Backyard Gunite Pool Construction

When you are designing any space in your home the process starts with research.  Ideas are found in a variety of spaces including magazines, the internet and sketches.  Ask friends, family and neighbors about their experiences with their in-ground swimming pools and the entire installation process. The more research that is done, as well as the more you understand what you want the easier the entire swimming pool project will be.  Being informed before you take the first step into pool construction will save you time and money throughout the entire process.

The process of installing and constructing a swimming pool is quite intimidating.  A swimming pool is a large financial investment and is not something that cannot be taken lightly.  The more information you know about the entire process from start to finish the more efficient your plan of action will be.

When starting your research it can be overwhelming.  Start by exploring local pool companies and the previous jobs that they have completed.  Not only do you want to see the work that they have previously done but you also want to see that they stay within a budget, time frame and that they are ultimately easy to work with.  Not only will you want to look at referrals but it is important to explore the company’s reputation with the Better Business Bureau as well as the reviews online from customers.  Looking at a company’s website also can be helpful when looking to find out more information about them and the services they provide.

Once the list of swimming pool contractors has been narrowed down create a list of questions to ask each of them.  Here are a few things to go over before you choose a swimming pool contractor to install your new swimming pool.

How long have you been in business installing and designing in-ground swimming pools?

How many swimming pools have you constructed?

Do you have any plaster swimming pool sites that we can visit in which work was recently wrapped up?

Purchasing a swimming pool is not only creates a large hole in your pocket book but also in the backyard of your home.  Be sure before the excavating begins that this is a commitment that you have not only researched but that you are also ready to care for.  No matter what type of pool is installed, plaster or vinyl, there is maintenance that comes along with it.  From the minute the ground is broke, the pool starts to take shape and the visualization of your dream starts to take place you are a pool owner.  Let the summer fun begin.

Pound Pool Plastering repairs commercial and residential gunite swimming pools including coping, tile and plaster repairs. For more information or to request a quote, visit us at

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