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How To Determine If It Is Time To Plaster Your Residential Gunite Swimming Pool

It is believed that commercial pools should be plastered about every ten years however with residential pools the answer isn’t as clear.  In this installment on pool plastering we will look at several signs that are dead giveaways that the pool needs to be plastered.  The pools plaster protects both the look and structural elements.  Watch for the signs below to know when it is time to call in pool plaster professionals.

Over a period of time, no matter how balanced the chemicals in your pool are the minerals in the water will stain the plaster and change the look of the original plaster.  As this occurs it becomes more and more evident that the plaster needs to be replaced.

Most in-ground pools are constructed out of Gunite, a concrete substance that is used to create the base of the pool.  The plaster is used on top of the Gunite and acts as a waterproof protective barrier that offers an aesthetic appeal as well.  When the Gunite begins to show through the plaster this is another sure sign it is time to call in the pool plastering professionals.

If you notice that your feet are being torn up by the bottom of the pool and that swimming in the pool is becoming rougher and rougher to the touch it is a good sign the plaster needs updating.  Bathing suits will start to snag on jagged plaster edges when the plaster starts to wear down.  This may not be visible to the naked eye.  If you start to feel or see rough patches on the pools plaster it is time to plaster your pool.  Cracks, pits or patchy spots are all common when plaster has aged and is in need of replacement.

Plastering your residential Gunite swimming pools costs between three and five dollars depending on a number of factors including: the contractors, the size of the pool, the climate, and the area in which you reside.  An average pool runs between four and five thousand dollars to plaster.

If you decide that this is going to be the year you plaster your pool it is best to get a call into the pool plastering company early in the season.  Depending on where you live the season in which you can enjoy your pool can be short.  If this is your situation you will want to have the pool plastered before opening it for the season to avoid any usage downtime.  Contact a reputable pool plastering company to come out and quote your project.  After you have several quotes and have done substantial research on each of the local pool plastering companies it will be time to schedule an appointment to have your pool plastered.

Pound Pool Plastering repairs commercial and residential gunite swimming pools including coping, tile and plaster repairs. For more information or to request a quote, visit us at

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