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Common Mistakes That Occur in Pool Maintenance

We all make mistakes when it comes to maintaining our homes and our pools are not exempt.  When caring for your pool a simple mistake while adding chemicals can take the pool out of commission for weeks.  Unfortunatly however, mistakes in maintaining your pool occur both big and small.

Large mistakes in caring for your swimming pool turn into valuable lessons to learn.  Pool maintenance education is imperative to prevent mistakes and in turn your pool is safer, cleaner, and more efficient without extra frustration on your end.

One of the biggest mistakes pool owners make is with the addition of a chemical commonly referred to as pool shock, a large dosage of chlorine. When dosages of chlorine are too high your pool water will essentially bleach out the color of your clothing.  Although you technically can’t over-shock the pool it can cause issues with more than your clothing.  Too much chlorine can lead to pitted plaster, vinyl liner discoloration, or brittle tile pieces breaking off.

One way to ensure this doesn’t occur is to dissolve the shock chemicals in a bucket of water prior to shocking the pool.  This allows the shock chemical to disperse more evenly throughout the water and in turn protects the pools finish.  As a norm, in pool maintenance a good rule to follow is to dissolve chemicals thoroughly before adding it to the pools water.

Another common mistake when owning a pool that homeowners make is that they don’t take the necessary time or care when brushing and vacuuming your pool.   A good brushing pushes the build up out into the water and settles on the bottom of the pool and then can be vacuumed up. Take the time to brush behind all those hard to reach places like pool ladders, steps, and stairs.  Corners, crevices, and water lines especially in plaster pools should be scrubbed really well.

Pool chemicals are a huge source of the mistakes made by homeowners when caring for their pool.  Your pools plaster can literally be destroyed if the chemicals in the water are not properly balanced.  Don’t ignore your pools pH and alkalinity levels.  A low pH indicates acidity and a high pH indicates alkalinity, too much of either one is bad for your pools plaster. Too low of a pH can damage the equipment used in the pool such as a pool pump and filter, plaster or vinyl linings, heaters, automatic pool cleaners and more.  Proper water chemical balance in a pool is easily accomplished by testing your pools water on a regular basis and making adjustments as needed.

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Benefits Of Hiring A Pool Remodeling Agency

Owning a private pool has numerous benefits. Let’s get one thing clear – swimming is one of the best exercises out there as it activates your whole body. Along with that, there are numerous benefits of water to your skin and hair health, and by swimming only a few times a week you will be doing yourself a great favor. And building a private pool is not as hard as it once was – a few decades ago only the most famous celebrities and sportsman had a pool inside their backyard, but now it is much more common.

If you have enough outdoor space and you are living in a state that is sunny throughout most of the year investing in a pool is one of the better moves you can make. On the other hand, your private pool will need regular maintenance and it can be prone to weather damage as well. In case such a thing happens you will want to react as soon as possible as leaving the problem unattended is never a good idea. Hiring a pool remodeling agency can come in handy in multiple situations – whether you want to restructure, repair or resurface it!

Advantages Of Owning A Private Pool

1. First and foremost, by investing in a fast build pool you will enrich your outdoor space and get a place where you can relax and do cardio once you feel like it.

2. Along with that, a private pool is always going to be attractive – imagine all the crazy parties that could be organized with it in the middle of entertainment.

3. Last but not least, a private pool is a good investment in terms of reselling your house as it increases the value of your property.

When You Should Hire A Remodeling Agency

Now, there are few situations where you might need a service of pool repair agency. First and foremost it is for regular maintenance and proper repair. Whether it is time to clean/change the filter systems or there is plumbing work to be done a professional team expert should be there at your service. Along with that, if you want to add certain water features like waterfalls or fountains you shouldn’t install it on your own – instead call in a fastest pool build team and stay trouble-free. A repair agency is going to use either fiberglass or concrete material when repairing cracks and holes – this all depends on your budget and the looks you are trying to achieve. Such agency is a great choice if you have built your pool a few years ago and know you don’t like how it looks – by hiring a remodeling team they will be able to provide you with the best service restructuring, plastering and resurfacing your private pool (according to your idea). And from an ugly pool, you can end up with an excellent 5-star pool that is as good as a spa, in a matter of a few days. What is most important is that it is all for a fair and a reasonable price?

By hiring a professional team you will not have to go through the tough time of trying to repair cracks, holes, plumbing issues or add certain features by yourself. Yes, you do have to pay them but it will be a long term investment – a fancy looking and the well-maintained pool is going to be something to enjoy and on top of that it will increase the value of your house as well.


There are numerous advantages of investing in a private pool, but what good it is if you don’t take good care of it. Proper maintenance is a must, and that is where a professional team is your best bet!

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Original Date: Feb  26 2019

Written By: Petar Mikonoss