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5 Tips for Keeping Your Pool Maintained this Year

If you own a pool, you know how much work it is to maintain and keep clean. Making sure you have the right chemical balance, keeping debris out of the water, and continually cleaning the filters are regular routines every pool owner needs to do, no matter how old the pool is. This article discusses five pool maintenance tips that can help you right now. No matter if you just opened for the first time or have had your pool for years, the below tips will kick off your season right.

Skimming, Scrubbing, and Vacuuming – Keeping your pool clear of leaves and debris seems obvious, but surprisingly a lot of pool owners don’t do this often enough. To keep your pool presentable and welcoming, skimming, scrubbing, and vacuuming should be done daily. Additionally, using a pool scrubber to remove dirt and algae should be done daily as well.

Cleaning Filters – You can think of your pools filter system as a kidney – it’s constantly working to remove impurities. You’ll want to turn the filter system off to remove all the debris from the filter basket and spray off your pump filters at least once a week. Also, merely setting your pump system to “backwash” allows for water to drain from the pool and removes any debris that may be re-circulating. Backwashing should be done at least once a month.

Adjusting Chemical Levels – A proper chemical balance is essential to maintaining the cleanliness of your pool water, prevents algae from forming, protects the liner, and supports many other essential functions. Imbalanced water will become murky and can irritate the skin and eyes, and can cause your pool to become a breeding ground for bacteria.

It is best practice to test your water weekly to determine what chemicals may be required and make any adjustments needed. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), these chemical levels need to be maintained: Cyanuric Acid, Free Chlorine, Acidity/Alkalinity, and Calcium. With all the chemicals properly balanced, the water should be crystal clear, odorless, and leave little to no residue on your skin.

Keeping Clear Water – Many things can cause your pool’s water to become cloudy and lack proper alkalinity control. However, pool veterans know you don’t have to go to the store every time an issue arises with your water. One of the “hacks” many pool owners know is to use baking soda to help balance and maintain the alkaline levels. Regular baking soda does the same job as sodium bicarbonate for only a fraction of the price and it can help clear your pool water effectively without breaking the bank.

Using Shock – Shocking refers to drastically raising the chlorine levels for a short period to kill algae and bacteria. It’s done by adding high levels of concentrated chlorine to a bucket and slowly pouring it into the pool’s return line. Additionally, using granular solid chlorine packs of shock and sprinkling it around the perimeter of the pool slowly (not letting the granulates touch the pool liner), is also an effective way to add shock.

Keeping a pool in good shape may seem like a lot of work, but if done consistently, it becomes less of a burden and is manageable. Regular maintenance ensures that you will not have to spend money on a new liner, pool plaster, or a new filter system. To read more on essential pool maintenance tips, click here.